Young drivers to be closely monitored

The harsh fact is that new drivers are far more likely to cause death by dangerous driving or be killed in a road traffic accident as compared with experienced drivers. The key statistic is the first 1000 miles of driving. During that period the driver and the other road users are at greater risk.


Monitor New drivers not just Young Drivers

The RAC and other motoring organisations have jointly called for new restrictions upon YOUNG drivers who have recently passed their driving test.  This should not be YOUNG drivers but NEW drivers irrespective of age. The main factor in making a good driver is experience not age.

In my opinion, the way forward would be to limit the speed of new drivers’ vehicle for a fixed period. I have defended in a vast number of motoring prosecutions involving serious or fatal accidents involving new drivers. In my experience inappropriate speed is an overwhelming factor. The reality is that new drivers can have an over confidence with regard to their driving ability when just having passed their driving test. 

This is not the fault of the new driver. Having been passed fit to drive they are then set off on the road with no further assistance or guidance. Very often, a near miss will bring home just how new they are to the skill of driving well. A period of speed limited use of the road would serve as a safer way of them honing their skills rather than defining what time of day they can drive or who can be sitting in the passenger seat.