The war against the motorist continues with the rolling out of two new types of speed camera across large areas of the country. You may recall a year or so ago press articles proclaiming the end of the speed camera. In some areas such as Wiltshire traffic enforcement cameras could be seen covered up and out of service.

Unfortunately predictions of the speed cameras demise were premature.

Truvelo D Cam Speed Camera

The first new traffic enforcement camera to be used is the Truvelo D Cam camera. This is far smaller and much less visible than the older generation speed cameras. The real problem for the motorist is that it does not flash soyou have no idea youve been photographed. The device does not need film and so can never run out. This means that it will never be out of service, massively increasing the cameras ability to catch the errant motorist.

ZenGrab Lane Watch Mk2 Speed Camera

The second device which has many of the above characteristics is the ZenGrab Lane Watch Mk2. This even has the ability to catch motorcycles and is designed to enforce a whole range of motoring offences, not just speeding. Drive carefully.