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Do not assume that photographic or police evidence cannot be challenged. 
It can.  If you believe that any evidence is wrong, you should contact us immediately.  To secure a conviction, the court has to be sure as to the accuracy of any evidence, that you were speeding.  It is our job to closely examine any evidence that the prosecution intend to rely on to prove you were committing the offence.  If this evidence fails to meet the required standards, we will argue before the court that there should be no conviction.
  Drink Driving
In order to achieve a conviction for drink driving, the court has to be satisfied that all procedures have been followed correctly.  Never forget that evidence can be challenged by a defendant who does not accept that he is guilty of drink driving or that there has been a significant failure by the police when carrying out the investigation.  The courts have held that any failure by a police officer to adhere to strict procedures when obtaining samples can be fatal to a prosecution for drink driving

Dangerous Driving
The definition of the offence of dangerous driving is wide because it is not just relation to motor vehicles but any mechanically propelled vehicles, furthermore it can take place in any place to which the public has access, not just public roads.
Never forget, the burden of proving dangerous driving rests squarely on he shoulders of the prosecution, not the defendant.  It is our job to expertly and carefully examine and exploit any failing or loophole in the prosecution case or law to secure an acquittal.


Proving Who the Driver is
The Road Traffic Act imposes a strict duty upon defendants to disclose the identity of drivers in these situations.  If you face a prosecution for failure to disclose the identity of the driver, you should contact us immediately.  We recommend that you speak to us prior to signing any documents and you should do this as soon as you receive them.
Just because the law seems onerous and puts strict duties upon people, do not assume that there are no defences to failure to disclose the identity of the driver of a motor vehicle.  There are, and success may well depend upon the speed with which you act when you are prosecuted.  Contact us immediately.


Rupert Wood & Son

Are associates of TrafficLawyer4u and handle the road traffic accident compensation side of our business.
We at TrafficLawyer4u have complete faith in their abilities to gain fair compensation for their clients.

Contact Martin Davy or Naomi Mather on 0161 330 9121 for further information or for a free half hour interview.

Had an accident?

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident that wasn't your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.
At Rupert Wood & Son we pride ourselves in giving honest and practical advice to our clients following an accident.
We will consider the merits of your claim, and as long as the claim has reasonable prospects of success, then we will deal with the matter on your behalf under a No Win No Fee agreement.
This means that if you are successful, then the other side will pay our costs, and if you lose, we will not charge you. In addition, we guarantee that there will be no deductions from the compensation you are awarded.

Once we have considered the merits of the claim, we will go on to consider exactly what amount of compensation you are entitled to. It is not just a question of being compensated for the injuries you have sustained. There are all manner of incidental expenses in respect of which you might be entitled to recover:-
  1. Damage to your vehicle
    If you have been involved in an accident your vehicle will have been damaged. If you are not insured fully comprehensively, we can arrange for your vehicle to be inspected in order to assess the likely cost of repair. We can then arrange with the Third Party insurers to have the vehicle repaired at no cost to you.

  2. Policy excess
    Even if you are insured fully comprehensively, when you insurers repair your vehicle, there is still the question of the policy excess which has to be paid to the garage. This also forms a part of your claim.

  3. Vehicle hire
    We can arrange for the hire of a comparable vehicle for the time yours is off the road, or until such time as you receive the funds to purchase an alternative vehicle. Again there would be no charge to you.

  4. Recovery and storage Charges
    If your vehicle had to be removed from the scene of the accident, there will have been charges associated with this, and similarly, it may have been stored at a garage pending inspection by your insurers. We can recover these expenses for

  5. Loss of Earnings
    Even with a relatively minor injury, you may have had to have time off work. Whilst most employers these days will continue to pay staff during absences following an accident, the longer the period of absence, the less likely they are to do so.
    Whether they are prepared to continue paying you or not, most employers these days include a clause in their contracts of employment that if absences are caused though the fault of another party in respect of which you make a claim, then you have to include wages payments made to you as part of your claim. If you do not do so, you may be penalised.

  6. Loss of overtime
    With many employees, even if the basic wage is being paid during the absence from work following an accident, you may have lost out in terms of overtime, bonuses, or attendance allowance. We will ensure that these will be recovered for you, so that you will be in the same position as you would have been had it not been for the accident.

  7. Travelling expenses
    Following an accident you may incur additional travelling expenses, for example attending medical examinations, physiotherapist appointments or out patients appointments. Although these may seem petty, depending upon the seriousness of the injury, they can soon mount up. It is out job to ensure that matters such as these are not overlooked.

  8. Care and assistance
    The more serious the injury, the more relevant this head of claim will be. The provision of care by friends or family, whether looking after you, or doing things for the family which you would otherwise have done forms a legitimate part of your claim, and in some cases, can exceed the value of the claim for the injuries themselves.
    We strive to ensure that these aspects of the claim are properly investigated to ensure that you are adequately compensated for the effect of the accident upon you and your family.

  9. Gardening and DIY
    The more active the Claimant, the wider the heads of damage he can recover.If your injuries prevent you from doing routine gardening, house decoration and maintenance, window cleaning or even the upkeep and servicing of your own car, these are things which can be recovered for you, and which the less experienced lawyer might overlook.

  10. Items lost in the accident
    Whether limited to the petrol in your tank, or the spoiled shopping in your boot, if you have lost property in the accident, you are entitled to recover for it, and it is our job to make sure that this is the case.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but an indication that when we deal with a claim, we ensure that every element of loss is properly considered.
In most claims, however, it is the value of the injury which will form the main part of your claim. The Courts use guidelines with regard to claims for Personal Injury which give a range of awards for each particular type of injury. These brackets can range from a couple of thousand pounds, up to ten thousand pounds.
We will ensure that all relevant matters are taken into consideration with a view to ensuring that your settlement is towards the top of the range for your type of injury.

Contact Martin Davy or Naomi Mather on 0161 330 9121 for further information or for a free half hour interview.


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  Careless Driving
This motoring offence actually has a very wide definition.  The driver does not have to be driving a motor vehicle but any mechanically propelled vehicle and the offence can take place not only on public roads but any other place to which the public has access.  As dedicated defence lawyers we will not shy away from questioning, exposing and exploiting any weakness in a prosecution case against any of our clients who face an allegation of careless driving.

  Driving Without Insurance
Allegations of no insurance often occur when an employee is driving a company car.  The employer may be prosecuted for no insurance if the vehicle driven by the employee is not insured.  The employer or employee should contact us immediately in this scenario because he is regarded as having control, management or operation of the vehicle and is regarded as ‘using’ it for the purpose of a no insurance prosecution.

Failure To Stop After an Accident
In a prosecution for failure to stop we advise that you contact us immediately.  There is a strict duty upon motorists to stop and provide information, to people who reasonably request it, after an accident involving damage to property or injury to a person.
It is important to note that you can be guilty of failure to stop even if the accident is no fault of yours.
As with lot of road traffic offences, failing to stop is widely defined.  It does not have to involve a motor vehicle as the Act refers to mechanically propelled vehicle.  The definition of ‘accident’ tends to be regarded in a common sense way.  Any ‘injury’ to a person does not have to be physical injury and can even include nervous shock.

  Avoid a Driving Ban

Therefore even if you are convicted of an offence or there is no viable defence to it, we believe as expert traffic lawyers that we can help you.

The law has very clearly stated what amounts to ‘special reasons’ and this often causes confusion in the mind of the lay person.  We advise that you contact us as soon as you are aware of a prosecution in order that the issue of ‘special reasons’ can be discussed.
In order to establish ‘special reasons’ for not endorsing a licence or not disqualifying it will usually be essential to call evidence to satisfy the court of this.

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