Drink Driving Spiked drink

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Drink Driving Spiked drink

Mr B. drove his car on the date in question to the train station near home.  He took a train to work.  After work he went for some drinks with some business colleagues.  Because he knew when he got the train back home he would have to complete the remainder of the journey by car, he only drank 2 pints of beer so is not to be over the limit.  Unknown to him his friends had placed 2 vodkas into each pint of beer.  They had not realised that he was driving at the end of his train journey, which resulted in Mr B drink driving.

Mr B. took the train to where his car was.  He got into his car to make the short journey from the station to his home.  Whilst he was doing this he was stopped by the Police by way of a random Police check.  It turned out that after taking a roadside breath test that he was over the drink driving limit.

Further enquiries revealed, the following day, that his work colleagues had spiked his drink.  Mr B. instructed Trafficlawyer4u solicitors and he was advised that he had a special reason to avoid a driving disqualification.  Following a special reasons hearing the court held that there was a special reason for non disqualification.  Mr B. avoided a driving ban and no further penalty was imposed.

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Drink Driving

In order to achieve a conviction for drink driving, the court has to be satisfied that all procedures have been followed correctly. Never forget that evidence can be challenged by a defendant who does not accept that he is guilty of drink driving or that there has been a significant failure by the police when carrying out the investigation. A detailed examination of the prosecution case can reveal defects to prevent a driving disqualification.

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